Jesse D. Sobrepena, AIA

With 27 years of architectural experience – and with 17 of those years spent in independent practice – Jesse Sobrepena is a seasoned architectural professional who has worked with a number of firms on a wide array of projects, of various sizes and with a wide range of budgets

Jess Sobrepena is a licensed architect in Montana, Washington, Utah and Idaho. Jesse’s work experience ranges from large scale commercial projects to smaller scale residential projects. He has extensive experience working with commercial, residential and public projects within Montana.

Since founding JDS Architects in early 2004, the firm has worked on some of Bozeman’s most notable architectural projects. JDS Architects received a Historic Preservation Award for the rehabilitation of the Beall Park Recreation Center.

Jesse’s prior work in construction provided him with the strong, working knowledge of best-in-class building techniques and methods. This construction background and foundation surfaces in JDS Architects commitment to creating construction drawings that possess simplicity and straightforward construction.

Jesse is well known for taking a synergistic approach to problem solving and design, helping his clients transform their ideas into functional and unique architecture that fits within their budget and schedule.

Jesse has also proven to be efficient and successful in working with the City of Bozeman and other governmental agencies throughout the entire building process.


“We have worked with JDS Architects to construct a new building for our Agency. This group is competent, professional, and extremely responsive to our needs. They provided thorough research to make sure we were receiving exactly what we needed, made the entire process painless and easily navigated, and in the end provided us with a building that met our requirements. We’re happy to have worked with them.”

Janelle Gustafson

Administrative Program Director Rural Development

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